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Five Red Flags

Like any other service-based business, professional garage door companies work to earn your business legitimately. These tips can be red flags that indicate something is amiss. If you aren’t comfortable with how the process is going, ask clarifying questions or say you’re going to take some time to consider next steps before you make repair arrangements.

  1. Unknown Address. Look for a published physical address in your area for the business. Some fraudulent businesses advertise many phone numbers, but do not have a physical address.
  2. High Pressure Tactics. Do not allow someone to pressure you to make a quick decision. Be cautious if a technician claims that your family or property is in danger if the proposed repair or replacement isn’t done immediately.
  3. Door to Door Surprise Visits. Be wary if a company knocks on your door and claims to have a special deal.
  4. No-Name Phone ID. Pay attention to how the company answers the phone. Companies that under several business names often answer the phone with a generic response, such as “Garage door service.”
  5. Pre-payment. Do not work with a company that demands payment in full before the project is complete. You should never pay for an entire job in advance, and avoid paying in cash when possible.